Ask yourself: Pre Expedition questions

These are questions from a list created by Alastair Humphreys, on questions everyone should ask themselves for they leave on a trip. I thought this an appropriate first blog

Why are you doing this trip?

I wanted to do something big this year that I’ll always remember, the year I turn 30. Its the biggest thing I have ever done. I also wanted an adventure with a purpose. This trip also combines all the things I love into one big challenge; history, exercise, travelling and inspiring people. 

What is the objective of the trip? In no order:

1)    To raise money for my charities

2)    To achieve what I have up until recently thought impossible for me to achieve

3)    To educate people abut the Iron Curtain

4)    To seek and tell the inspirational stories of the people I’ll meet along the way. 

What do you hope to get out of it?

I want the sense of achievement of travelling nearly 4,500 miles on my own legs. I also want to meet people who have lived through a incredible time in our recent history, who really have seen their lives change and tell some of their stories. 

What will constitute “success”?

Getting to the black sea intact. More people knowing what the Iron Curtain is.

What will constitute “failure”?

Getting injured and having to come home early. I’d be devastated. Being a physio I should not allow this to happen!

What are you willing to sacrifice for this trip? (cash, time, safety, friendship)

A year off my career with no income, moving out of my flat and letting someone else live in it (and hopefully looking after it), missing close friends 30th birthdays and births of babies, missing out on the first 4 months of my new niece/nephews life, potentially not making it home for christmas, unknown financial cost……..

Why are you going solo?

I wanted to do it with someone I knew well who was up for the challenge and who I’d get on with. When all those people were not available, I did’t want to risk going with a stranger. 

How fast will you travel?

Hopefully I’ll be walking 35k a day and cycling 70k

What budget will you operate on?

Minimal. I’ll be camping, staying in hostels in the cities where its not safe to camp and eating cheap food.

If stuff goes wrong can you cope?

I’ll have to. I’d like to think I’m fairly resourceful and resilient and will just get on with it. I’ve not doubt that there will be some really tough times.

Do you have the skills fitness, contingency plans, emergency procedures necessary?

Skills: Mmmmm I’m learning! This is the first time I’m doing anything like this!

Fitness: I have the fitness but being a physio and very injury prone I’m very worried about injuries. 

Contingency plans: Using the sat phone to cry down the phone to my mum?!?!