Justine is an adventurer, senior NHS acute and critical care physiotherapist and volunteer aid worker. Specialising in trauma, complex long-term rehabilitation, as well as acute and critical care (including Ebola patients transferred to high security units in the UK), Justine has worked at the Royal Free, London for 9 years. She holds a BSc in Sports Therapy from the University of Hertfordshire and a BSc in Physiotherapy from the University of East London. Prior to joining the Royal Free, she worked as a physio at West Ham United FC and Wasps RFC.

Away from the wards, Justine has led multiple cross-country ski, kayak and hiking expeditions in the Canadian and European Arctic. With a deep appreciation of science and history, Justine hopes to engage people in those subjects through her adventures. These include a solo 3,500 mile cycle ride across 15 countries of the former Iron Curtain, a 1000 mile walk along the entire length of Finland and a Via Ferrata climbing adventure along the WWI front line of the Dolomite mountains. Justine also volunteers as an emergency responder, providing care and physiotherapy in flood-stricken Louisiana,  in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew, working with Syrian refugees in Greece and helping to rebuild the infrastructure of schoolhouses in Uganda's Kiryandongo refugee camp.

Recent adventures/expeditions/deployments:

Bosphorus Strait "Europe to Asia swim" in Istanbul | Walked the whole length of Finland, from north to south, a distance of nearly 1000 miles | 3,500 thousand mile, 3 1/2 month cycle through the 15 countries along the former Iron curtain | 191 mile 'Tudor run' | 3 week unsupported ski expedition in Svalbard to Pyramidan including summiting Newtontoppen | 2 week un supported kayak expedition in Svalbard | Summited mountains Halti and Kebnekaise with 48 peaks later | Volunteer week with Dday veterans to Normandy | Louisiana flood relief deployment | Haiti Hurricane Matthew relief deployment | Greece Syrian refugee camp medical deployment | Svalbard coast to coast ski May 2017 | Baffin Island Ice floe edge camp | Uganda Kiryandogo refugee camp deployment | Dolomites WW1 hut to hut Via ferratta climb | Lofoten Islands hike | Churchill, Manitoba | Mont Blanc 4,812m | Bylot Island hike